Below are few responses from her interview.

Why are you interested in being a nanny?

I love love kids and enjoy being around them! They make me happy and and I love how energetic they are.

What do children like best about you?

I do literally everything with them, we always have a lot of fun while staying safe.

How do you deal with separation anxiety?

Redirection. I offer to read a book, watch a movie, games, give them cookie, etc.)

Below are few responses from her references.

Does Amari have initiative?

5/5 of her references said she has initiative.

"Yes! Amari asked us if we wanted her to give our kids a bath. When we returned home the kids were in bed and the kitchen was clean!"

Is Amari warm and social?

5/5 of her references said she is warm and social.

"Absolutely, she is inviting and easy to talk to!"

How is Amari's energy level?

"Perfect, she is energetic and fun."

"Amari always gives great big hugs, she is always happy."

"Amari always has a happy spirit, the kids are never bored."