Why are you interested in being a nanny?

I really enjoy working with children because I like to be a part of their essential developmental stages. Children have a lot to learn but by working with them I always learn something new about myself. Acceptance and respect of all people is a core part of who I am. I would like to be an example for young children by showing them through my actions what it means to respect others. I am a very upbeat and flexible person and I am able to work with all children with all different personalities and other necessary accommodations. I am comfortable playing outdoors with children or staying in and reading books and because of this I think that I will be a good sitter for many types of families.

It is essential that our sitters are reliable, responsible, and trustworthy. Please explain how you are all of these things.

Coming from a very large family, I understand what it means to be responsible and accountable. For families to function smoothly, everyone must do their part and fulfill their specific responsibilities. Because of my family experience, I am able to understand and fulfill specific duties asked of me. As a babysitter,  I want parents to be able to trust that when they leave me with their children, the familial expectations and responsibilities for their children are consistent. At school, I am a member of the honor committee because I find it essential that communities have explicit expectations for their members. I am able to carry this with me as a sitter as well, I want the parents to trust that when I am with their children, I uphold their normal family rules and guidelines.

If you were with a child that was upset, how would you handle that situation?

I find that because every child is different, it is important to me to first ask the child what is bothering him/her. By allowing the child to verbalize what is wrong, I am able to first listen and then comprehend the situation from their perspective. I do not believe that every child can be helped in the same way, but I do find it important that the child will trust that whatever issue they have, I will lend an ear without judgment. After listening, I will offer the child my best advice for overcoming the specific situation. In addition, because I am only a babysitter, I will make sure that I inform the parents about what is going on with their child. In this way, I can get advice about helping the child from the person who knows them best. Also, this will allow us to make sure that whatever is bothering the child is something that everyone is aware of so that we can prevent it from happening again.


What do you most respect about Alyssa?

"Alyssa is level headed and was really good with our son. He took to her and really loved Alyssa. She is intelligent, great with kids."

"Alyssa is very interactive with kids, we never felt that she just let kids do their own thing, she played with them, read stories, etc. She is always punctual and flexible."

Is Alyssa warm and social?

5/5 of her references said she is warm and social.

"Of course, it is very obvious when you meet her!"

How is Alyssa's energy level?

"Always upbeat, energetic, took our son out to library, play basketball, playground, etc."