Foreign Language Immersion Lessons

Spanish, French, and Mandarin available

Are you looking for you child to learn a second language?

Think about the opportunities speaking a second language would open up for your child.

We engage with your child entirely in the foreign language.

The first immersion lesson (assessment) is 50% off!

Call today to schedule your child's assessment.

  • We also offer lessons for adults!

2017 Semesters

Semester A: August 28th-October 21st

Semester B: October 23rd- December 19th

Semester C: January 2nd- February 17th, Recital TBD

Semester D: February  26th- April 28th

Semester E: April 30th- June 23rd, Recital TBD


$320 per semester (Private Lessons)

$160 per semester (Group Lessons)

  • at least 2 students required
  • 15% discount if more than 4 students

Note: Semester has 8 weeks


Sibling discount: 5%

Homeschool discount: 5%

Group (4+ students): 15%