For Parents

Why choose Perfect Choice Childcare?

Perfect Choice Childcare is locally owned and a small agency that specializes in family's individual needs.  We understand searching for childcare on the internet may be more convenient, however we operate on a more personal level. This enables us to offer a more custom service to our families. All families will work directly with the CEO and owner, Kaylah Degree. Finding childcare that fits with you and your children is extremely important to us. If you are a family looking for a childcare provider, your search will be much more time effective and you will meet highly qualified providers by working with Perfect Choice Childcare.

Who is responsible for paying the nanny?

The family directly pays the nanny the hourly rate listed on the services and fees page.

Will I have the same provider for each request?

We strive for both convenience and consistency. While we cannot guarantee the same provider for all your bookings you may request back any provider you have had before and we try and get you the same provider for your dates requested.

Do I tip my provider?

Like any many other industries, childcare is considered a service. If you feel like you received exceptional service, tipping is graciously accepted but not mandatory.

What is your discipline policy?

We strongly encourage positive reinforcement and logical communication to achieve positive behavior in children. We communicate to children the importance of respect for themselves, others, and property. If a situation were to arise in which a caregiver is not able to control your child/children by these methods, only then will you be contacted and provided with a Behavior Incident Report. If the situation requires your return home or for your caregiver to not return for scheduled dates you will be responsible for the full referral fee.

What are the duties of a nanny?

The duties of a Nanny are generally everything is related to the children (ex. preparing meals, laundry, driving children to their various activities, helping them with their homework, and keeping their play area and rooms clean).

I want to join. How do I begin?

We look forward to helping you with your search for just the right nanny for your home. Simply fill out the family membership form online, call us at (571) 527-9020, or email Kaylah at to schedule a time to discuss your expectations for our services.

For Caregivers

Why is it better to be represented by Perfect Choice Childcare rather than using other websites?

At Perfect Choice Childcare we get to know you and your background, and give you "sitter requests" where you can utilize your skills, preferences, previous childcare experiences.  We only work with the best nannies in the area!

What if I go on vacation, or leave the area for an extended period of time, will I still be able to work when I return to the area?

No problem! Let us know in advance approximately how long you will be out of town. Take your availability down off of the calendar. When you return to the area, put your availability  back on the calendar and we will immediately start sending you "sitter requests."

How is pay determined?

You are paid based on each individual job, number of children, or type of special event. Babysitting pay rate starts at $11/hr for one child and increase $2/hr for each additional child. Nanny and Special Event rates range between $13-25/hr.

I am ready to join the team, How do I apply?

We are glad that you are interested in joining our team. Click here to begin your application. We look forward to working with you in the near future!